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Atlanta Managed IT Services BTECH consultants for Network Technology, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, SEO, Data Mining, Disaster Recovery Plans & IT Automation. We provide a unique point of view for Managed IT Services companies. Proactive IT Consultants for SEO services with Keyword Research, and Data Mining, RMM, and all IT Automation solutions (DevOps.)

Atlanta Managed IT Services BTECH includes IT Consulting services, high-end GPU computing servers, laptops, workstations, & IT Automation. Web development include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Keyword ResearchServer Refreshes and Migrations, Email Migrations, Network Technology with GPU computing (Firewalls & Wireless Access Points.) GPU computing RDS & VDI for on-premise and cloud servers. Custom requests are welcomed at our Atlanta Managed IT Services with BTECH Consulting Services. Rise above your competitors with our Networking Technology, IT Automation, SEO, and Business Intelligence solutions. Contact Us at or 404-965-9356.

automationAtlanta Managed IT Services for Cyber Security, Managed Service Provider Consultants, & SEO

Managed Service Provider Brainard Technology consultants provide solutions for for RMM software (Labtech/Automate,) Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Data Mining, SEO, & IT Automation (DevOps) Supercomputing with extreme analytics, and utilizing Nvidia GPUs to help  defend against cyber security threats. GPU powered databases and visualization platform designed for lightning-fast, immersive data exploration that eliminates the disconnect between analyst and data. Headquartered in Atlanta.



Network Technology with GPU computing

Managed Service Provider BTECH  consultants provide solutions. Network Technology engineered with GPU accelerated firewalls to help provide cyber security to fight against malicious threats to the next level. BTECH firewalls have cyber security features such as Advanced Threat Protection, Botnet and Spyware protection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, Denial of Service (DoS) protection, Malware Protection, Stateful Deep Packet Inspection, Intelligent Network Perimeters (Application Control, File Content Enforcement, User Identity Awareness, Web Filtering) and Remote Access Secure VPN. We are able to secure business networks proactively and we take pride in our unique network technology.





SEO Data Mining Atlanta Consultants

GPU Computing Software & Hardware

Atlanta Managed IT Services with BTECH consulting solutions. GPU computing servers for all Data Analytics, IT Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Network Technology,  and Big Data Research. Website Optimization, SEO, Data Mining, Web Crawling, Keyword Research your business needs to grow and operate more efficiently.


What makes our Atlanta Managed IT Services Consultants different than the rest? We realize that this is where technology is heading. “For 30 years, the dynamics of Moore’s Law held true as microprocessor performance grew at 50 percent per year. But the limits of semiconductor physics mean that CPU performance now only grows by 10 percent per year. NVIDIA GPU computing has given the industry a path forward — and will provide a 1,000X speed-up by 2025.”




SEO consultants and utilizing Data Mining & Keyword Research

SEO consultants services provided by BTECH. Data mining is the process of finding anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes. Using a broad range of techniques, you can use this information to increase revenues, cut costs, improve customer relationships, reduce risks and more.


  • With Data miners we can sift through all the chaotic and repetitive noise in your data.
  • Understand what is relevant and then make good use of that information to assess likely outcomes.
  • Accelerate the pace of making informed decisions.


What is a Web Crawler?

Web crawler is an automatic program, or script, that methodically scans or “crawls” through sites to form associate index of the info it’s set to seek. This method is called Web crawling or spidering. There square measure varied uses for web crawling, but essentially a web crawler
is employed to collect/mine knowledge from the net. Most search engines use it as a way of providing up-to-date knowledge and to seek out what’s new on the net. Analytics corporations and market researchers use web crawling to work out client and market trends during a given geographic. The Web crawler checks at the keywords within the pages, the type of content every page has and also the links, before returning the knowledge to the search engine server. This method is understood as Web Crawling.


Atlanta Managed IT Services with BTECH consultants –  IT Automation and Data Analytics

Atlanta Managed IT Services with Brainard Technology consultants provides high-end GPU accelerated servers, laptops, workstations, & outsourcing IT. DevOps & Web development include SEO & Keyword Research. Server Refreshes and Migrations, Email Migrations, GPU accelerated Network Technology (Firewalls & Wireless Access Points.) GPU accelerated remote desktop services for on-premise and cloud servers. Custom requests are welcomed with our Atlanta Managed IT Services consultant business solutions. Rise above your competitors with our Networking Technology, Automation, SEO, Data Mining, and Business Intelligence solutions. Contact Us at or 404-965-9356.
Evolving information facilitates thorough decision-making. for instance, a social networking web site collects information associated with user preferences, community interests and section per specific criteria like demographics, age or gender. Correct analysis reveals key user and client trends and facilitates the social network’s alignment of content, layout and overall strategy.


What is IT Automation?

IT Automation is the use of directions to make a continual method that replaces associate IT professional’s manual add knowledge centers and cloud deployments. Software system tools, frameworks and appliances conduct the tasks with minimum administrator intervention. The scope of IT automation ranges from single actions to distinct sequences and, ultimately, to associate autonomous IT preparation that takes actions supported user behavior and different event triggers. IT Automation services by Atlanta Managed IT Services Brainard Technology consultants.

IT Automation is totally different from orchestration, however normally, the terms area unit used along. Automation accomplishes a task repeatedly while not human intervention. Orchestration may be a broader thought whereby the user coordinates machine-controlled tasks into a cohesive method or progress for IT and also the business. For instance, associate IT administrator permits work scaling with machine-controlled instance creation, software system (OS) installs and storage provisioning. They orchestrate the automation tasks in a very progress with a selected order of operations for every task.


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