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Recycle IT equipment

Brainard Technology LLCĀ provide a totally managed solution for the safe disposal of your redundant IT equipment. The service is professional, secure, free and more importantly, ethically and environmentally sound. We also work with large manufacturers to dispose of end of line products, surplus and liquidation stock.

Total peace of mind service for end of life IT equipment

Free Greater Atlanta Area Collection

Brainard Technology LLC operates in the Greater Atlanta Area collection service using our in-house logistics operation.

IT Recycled Responsibly

We are responsible to our customers and the environment and operate a zero landfill policy. We provide secure disposal and responsible IT recycling.

Secure Data Destruction

We guarantee complete data security and destruction of all data bearing media. We also provide you with Certified Data Destruction documentation to prove that your data has been completely eradicated.

Totally Managed Solution

Offering a totally managed secure and ethical solution to give you complete assurance on secure data destruction. With industry expertise, advice and support we deliver a no hassle service at no cost to your organisation.

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