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“James with Brainard Technology is an aspiring professional with endless charisma and a mind full of ideas and knowledge. When I worked with James he was hardworking and dedicated to his duties. He had many interesting and different perspectives and it was great to work with a creative and driven individual.”

“When James (Brainard Technology) and I worked together he was always willing to learn something new and take on tasks assigned to him even if it wasn’t part of his role. Always hungry for new knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond make James a great person to work with.”

“I had the pleasure of managing James and he made my life easier. The clients liked him to the point where they would try to work around the system just to get him to work on their issues. He was a leader in technical ability among a team of escalated resources and took on any challenge, thoroughly communicated needs and suggestions, and always maintained a positive attitude. It was great working with James with Brainard Technology and I hope I get to do so again in the future.”

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